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5 Tips For Being the Best Second Photographer When I first started my wedding photography business I didn’t immediately have a fully booked calendar or amazing photography skills. Actually, I knew very little about how to capture wedding days and pretty much everything I learned was thanks to working as a second shooter! For those […]


Honeybook: How I Organize My Small Business Behind the Scenes Back when I first started my photography business there was no organization or carefully thought out methods behind the scenes. I was winging it and making things difficult for myself and my clients! I was asking for checks only – because I had no way […]


Small Business Vacation Advice Just a few weeks ago I headed out of the office for a 10 day vacation. And to be honest the workload of preparing for my vacation as an entrepreneur was almost twice as much as my normal workload! When you’re the only employee of your small business, or one of […]


Each year I personally set aside a piece of my business budget to invest in education to grow as a photographer and entrepreneur. When I was first starting out it was these investments that helped catapult me forward and grow quickly. Investing in education had such a big impact on my own career that I […]


I’ve been working on a few new things involving branding and it only seemed fitting to revisit this Sippin C’ville brand session to share it on the blog! Last summer I met up with Sarah of Sippin C’ville for a branding session at Walsh Family Wine. When Sarah first moved to Charlottesville for graduate school […]


Over the years I’ve learned there are some business tools that are essential to running my photography business. These are the tools that I’m in every single day making sure things are running smoothly and I’m on track!   Honeybook The business tool I’m in the most is Honeybook! I’ve been using Honeybook for about […]


When I first started doing photography I stalked other photographer’s blogs like nobody’s business. I was so eager to learn and wanted to know what kind of equipment all the photographers I admired were using. After five years, I’ve started to pick my equipment based on my own style and personal preferences. Now each piece […]


With only 4 more days left in 2017 I feel like now’s the best time to share the biggest blog post of the year– the 2017 recap! With each year I’ve been amazed at the number of people I’ve gotten to meet and work with, the beautiful venues I’ve gotten to visit and the growth […]




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