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Booking Your Wedding Vendors

You’re engaged and the planning process has begun! By now you and your partner have probably started discussing what’s most important to you on your wedding day. You may have become overwhelmed by all the options out there.  Perhaps you’re wondering how you’re going to make any decisions.

Planning your wedding should be a fun and exciting experience and the first step is booking wedding vendors to build the perfect team. Your wedding vendors are going to help your dreams come to life, support you during this exciting (and sometimes stressful) time in your life and can’t wait for your wedding day just as much as you!

So how do you even begin to start booking your wedding vendors? If you’ve started your search you know that there are endless options. Below are a few tips to make booking your wedding vendors easier!



  1. Priorities – My most common tip to couples is a simple one, but it’s such a big deal. Prioritize your vendors! Sit down together and imagine your wedding day. What are the must haves to make the day like you’ve imagined? It could be a dream venue or stunning florals. Maybe it’s your photographer because the photos are your top concern. Or it could be having an amazing DJ and open bar to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long. Work together to select your ‘top 3’ vendors and prioritize the rest of the list. You then have a set list of which vendors to begin reaching out to and securing immediately. By tackling your top priorities first you secure the vendors of your dreams and can also set aside more for them in your budget if necessary. From there work down your list to secure everything else!
  2. Availability – Wedding vendors often start booking up fast which is why it’s so important to secure your  top 3 as soon as possible. Some wedding vendors tend to start booking 12-18 months in advance. These are vendors like wedding planners, photographers, and videographers. Other vendors who aren’t physically present the majority of the day begin booking on average between 6-12 months in advance. Keep these timeframes in mind as you begin reaching out to your vendors to check their availability. When in doubt it never hurts to reach out sooner rather than later!
  3. Experience – Once you’ve found a vendor and checked availability it’s time to make sure they are going to give you an incredible wedding experience and have the experience to do so. This doesn’t mean they’ve been in the industry for 20 years or have worked a certain number of weddings. It means that you two know that the wedding vendor you select is confident and consistent in the work they do for their clients. They should be willing to discuss any questions you have, communicate with you through the booking process and beyond, and show up on your wedding day ready to make the day worry free for you two. Your wedding vendors are your team and you should have confidence that they won’t just do good work, but provide a great experience.
  4. Connection – Going hand in hand with experience connection is a huge factor in selecting wedding vendors. Many of your wedding vendors are with you from the planning process through your wedding day. It’s extremely important to know that you can turn to your wedding vendors for support and to ask questions (even when they seem silly!) and know that they’ll be quick to help guide you. You should also enjoy being around your vendors because they will be by your side on your wedding day! You don’t need to be best friends, but booking wedding vendors is all the more fun if they’re someone you can imagine grabbing a drink with after work or sharing a good conversation with. Before you book take the time to make sure the connection is really there. Grab a cup of coffee together or even just chat on the phone!



These suggestions above are meant to give you two some guidance as you begin booking your wedding vendors. The beginning of the wedding planning process always seems like the most overwhelming, but once you get going everything gets easier! If you’re looking for more advice click here to bookmark where new For Brides blogs will be posted on the blog. You’ve got this!

P.S. Newly engaged and thinking about wedding photography? Send me a message! I’m taking on a limited number of couples for 2019  in order to make each bride and groom’s experience special. Get in touch! I’d love to work with you!


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