The Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer


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The Top 5 Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer

The holidays are officially wrapping up! This year with all the festivities came a ton of engagements! If you’re one of the future brides who recently got a ring congratulations! One of the first decisions you need to make (besides the venue and the date) is how to choose your wedding photographer. If you’ve done a small Google search you’ve probably seen how many options there are! It can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to begin. A few weeks back, I wrote some tips about finding your perfect photographer. Today’s blog dives in even deeper to the five questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Maybe you’ve already started googling questions. Just like with your other search you probably got back hundreds of results. From the Knot to small blogs, everyone has opinions on the the 300 questions you need to ask. Today’s blog post is to help you narrow in on the top 5 questions you should ask. These questions should cover some of your biggest wedding photography concerns.


1. What does my payment cover?

While most photographers will prepare you before a consultation, it is important to go over what your payment covers. The last thing you want is to be surprised when you’re reviewing your contract. Your wedding photographer should be able to clearly explain how many hours are in their packages and what additional services are part of the experience. Some photographers include engagement or bridal sessions. Others only offer them al a carte. Some photographers offer unlimited hours, while others set a limit. You should also discuss the final product. Some payments cover photographers turning over all the edited images for you to personally print. However, others will require you purchase a print release or buy prints through their business. Having these details clearly outlined is an important first step to a great wedding experience!


2. What does the process look like from booking to delivery?

Similar to the last question, you should have your photographer walk you through their process from booking to delivery! An experienced wedding photographer will be able to clearly explain every step from signing contracts to making sure your images are safely in your hands. You should know what to expect during the entire process. Communication should be clearly outlined– especially leading up to your engagement session and the wedding day. After you shouldn’t be worried about when you’ll be receiving your photos.You should have a clearly outlined timeline to look forward to!


3. How much experience do you have in the wedding industry?

How experienced your wedding photographer is will probably depend on your budget. Regardless, they should be able to speak about how long they’ve been working in the industry and how comfortable they are capturing weddings. Every wedding is unique and you’ll want a wedding photographer who is prepared for anything. It is also important that your wedding photographer is comfortable in a variety of lighting conditions. Not all venues are perfectly lit with natural light. Some ceremonies are outside while others are in churches. From beaches to ballrooms a professional photographer should be able to control their lighting and the outcome.  It’s important that your photos aren’t affected by your wedding photographer’s experience or lack thereof. Overall, their answer should make you fully confident in your photographer’s ability to capture your wedding day.


4. What’s your emergency plan?

As much as none of us want to think about it emergencies do happen. The best wedding photographers are going to strive to be there no matter what on your wedding day. But sometimes sickness, accidents or other unpreventable circumstances arise. Your photographer should have an emergency plan in case something unavoidable does happen and they can no longer be there. Some photographers will offer to send their second shooters in their place or help find a replacement. Others will release you from the contract and refund you. This should be discussed before booking and outlined in your contract. It is important your photographer is ready for any kind of unexpected situation!

5. Do you have insurance?

This is such an important wedding photography question! Professional wedding photographers should be registered with their state as a business. They should also have both liability and equipment insurance. Some venues even require proof of vendors’ insurance. This is for your own protection and the photographer’s!


Bonus: Can you help with the timeline?

This is a question that every wedding photographer LOVES to hear! On your wedding day there are a lot of little events throughout the day. When you haven’t experienced them before it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. Your wedding photographer should be ready to step up and guide you when it comes to the timeline planning process. We have the experience! We know how long getting ready takes, what photos to do before the ceremony and how long to schedule sunset portraits. This helps your day run smoother, and gives you more beautiful photos. Professional photographers are ready to give you advice on any part of the day!


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