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Creating Memories

One of my favorite parts of working in the wedding industry is getting to meet and work with so many incredible vendors. Everyone in the DMV wedding industry is so talented and has incredible wedding planning advice to share. Over the years, I’ve asked some of my favorite vendors in the area to  share advice with my couples in the wedding guide I send out. However, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing one of these articles today on the blog! Today Deanna of Harrison Films is sharing her advice about creating memories on your wedding day!


Creating Memories

There are an endless amount of decisions to make about your wedding day details – the color palette, the food, decor, flowers – the list goes on of things to consider for your wedding’s aesthetic. Details are special and important because they’re how you can infuse your style and make the day your own. However, getting caught up in the details can make you forget something – they’re only the details. We want to challenge you to think about the moments. It’s the moments that make lifelong memories. As the lucky ones who get to focus on capturing these moments, we want to inspire you to daydream about the experience you are going to have.

If photography and video are important to you as a couple, you should be putting some thought into planning the moments of your day. Now, we’re not talking planning down to the minute, rather taking the time to anticipate what’s going to come and making sure that the day’s schedule has room to breathe. Being able to be present is the best wedding gift you can give yourselves. The bonus? It will not eat up one bit of your budget.

We challenge you to spend some time daydreaming. Start in the morning and work your way through the grand exit. If you take some time to think intentionally about the experience you want to have, you can make the most of every second… and then rest easy knowing you have a creative team there to capture it all!


Getting Ready

The options are endless when it comes to how you would like to spend the earlier part of your day preparing and getting ready. This portion of the day truly sets the tone for what’s to come. Time crunches are what cause stress, so avoid that by starting off early and giving yourselves plenty of time to relax and enjoy the company of who you choose to get ready with. A relaxed, fun atmosphere equals amazing memories. From champagne popping and jumping on the bed to putting on the finishing touches to your wedding day look, think about who you want to be surrounding you and how you might be able to honor them by having them involved in getting ready.

“First looks” or reveals with family and friends make for amazing moments and emotional reactions. Quiet moments of reflection stop time and let it all sink in. Regardless of how you choose to spend your prep time, the important thing is that you are making a conscious choice on how you would like to spend it. We’ve found that you can never go wrong with champagne, breakfast, best friends, a great playlist, and plenty of buffer time. Set the vibe and take your time reveling in the anticipation.



There are ways to create memories together as a couple before you even walk down the aisle. Exchanging heartfelt letters or holding hands before seeing one another gives you that chance. A first look is an unforgettable way to share an intimate moment together while simultaneously freeing up potential hours in your day for whatever it is you want to do together! Share alone time, relax with your bridal party, explore the grounds of your venue, or anything else you can dream up. Endless time for photos and video are never a bad idea, either.



Take care in planning your ceremony to make it as true-to-you as can be for maximum meaning and memory making. You can honor loved ones by asking them to read a verse of scripture, a poem, or even sing a song that is close to your hearts. Do your best to remember to take a look out into the audience. Everyone you love will all be gathered together in one place for what is probably the first and only time ever! Take a moment to gaze out at all of their faces. Now that’s an incredible memory to plan for.


Cocktail Hour

Traditionally, a cocktail hour and reception follow a wedding ceremony, but you may as well see it as one big celebration. Maybe you want to escape to be alone for a few minutes to share a toast and a few hors d’ oeuvres before joining cocktail hour. Maybe you haven’t taken family photos yet, so you’ll spend a while doing that. Maybe just maybe you’ll slip away for some slow dancing as the sun sets before making your grand entrance into the reception.


The Reception

Wedding receptions come with their fair share of expectations. Introductions, special dances, dinner, dancing, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, the cake cutting, and more are some things people have come to predict will happen at a wedding. Remember that it’s your celebration and it may as well be a blank canvas of time to spend. Talk about whether you want to honor wedding traditions or forget them altogether and come up with fun ways to celebrate that reflect your style. The options for food, entertainment, and activities are limitless. The night is your oyster!


At the end of the day, no matter how much planning you put in, remember that the real magic in is the unpredictable. Things are bound to surprise and delight you, so, above all else, give yourselves spare time to enjoy the memories in the making.

Hopefully, this inspired you think about your day in a new light. After all, the memories you make are what you two will share and treasure for a lifetime… with the help of photos and video, of course!



Meet the Author

Photo By Emily Ann Photography

Deanna creates beautiful, cinematic wedding films alongside her husband and business partner, Grant. The pair has achieved national recognition by press in People, HuffPost, Style Me Pretty, BRIDES, and Martha Stewart Weddings. The Harrisons are inspired by joyful couples, the people around the, and the love between them. These newlyweds believe in marrying your best friend and that there is no such thing as too much confetti! You can find their website here and their Instagram here.



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