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4 Roles that Wedding Planners Play

This week I’m sharing another new For Brides blog! Specially written for the newly engaged couple, I’m sharing wedding planning advice and guests articles by wedding vendors to help make your wedding planning easier. Today’s post features one of the very first vendors couple’s book- a wedding planner! Aimee Griffin of A. Griffin Events joins the blog to talk about the 4 roles wedding planners play for their clients!


What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Confession: I didn’t have a wedding planner for my wedding. My main reason for this was I didn’t really understand what role the planner would play. I thought they would barge in and tell me how to do everything their way, rather than guide me through the planning process.

In place of a planner, I had my mother and mother-in-law, two close friends and a variety of other family friends who made my wedding happen. It was a lovely day and I appreciated having all of these people be part of my wedding.

However, I found out later how much each of them had missed on my wedding day. Not to mention how worn out and stressed they had felt! I wished I had enlisted the help of a wedding planner to enable my family and friends to enjoy my wedding day as much as I did. Many years later, I am doing just that for our couples- enabling them and their favorite people to enjoy a stress-free wedding day.

There are a ton of articles listing what wedding planners do, so I wanted to focus on the different roles we play during the wedding planning and on the wedding day.

Maven/Center of the Web

One of our jobs is to know people, companies and resources. And our passion is helping you find a team of creatives and companies who will make your wedding exactly what you envision.

During the planning stages, we help you assemble the best team that fits your style, budget, and personality. For example, if you want a laid back, quieter morning on your wedding day, we find stylists who have a calming and quieter presence.

On the wedding day, we are the ones they come to with any questions or problems that arise and we work together to make your wedding happen. Without us, the wedding team (which usually consists of eight or more companies) comes to you, your wedding party or your parents. Our goal is to know your desires and plans so we can answer every question according to what you want.


Expert Guide

The wedding planning process is overwhelming. There are so many choices, ideas and opinions that come at you, not to mention the difficulty of figuring out what things cost and how each company works. We work with incredibly smart, highly skilled couples. They often express a sense of frustration or feeling lost while navigating the wedding process. We love to educate and help you know your options so you can make informed decisions and feel great about them.

On your wedding day, we seamlessly guide you and your guests through every aspect of the celebration. We don’t want you to worry if you are on time (you will be!) or what happens next. We like to know how you host parties so that we can treat your guests in the same way you would at a dinner party at your house.


Designer and Stylist

One of the concerns we hear when meeting new couples is “How will I know if this will look good on the wedding day?” – it’s hard to envision all the parts coming together into a gorgeous, cohesive design. Wherever we join our couples along the planning process, we work with them to draw out who they are, what they value and love, and create a wedding design that feels exactly like them.

On your wedding day, we bring extra styling elements–our favorite are fresh flowers and hand-dyed silk ribbons–that match your style for the photographer to use. We bring back up decor for spaces that may need an extra touch, and we work to solve any problems to make sure everything looks amazing.


Executive Assistant

From your guest list addresses to your seating arrangements, weddings have a lot of administrative tasks. Throughout the planning process we are a second set of eyes for you. We edit your stationery and website; review contracts and explain the terms; we mail your invitations; and we assist with your RSVPs.

On your wedding day, we are there to fill in the gaps and sometimes they lead to funny stories. One bride’s heels kept falling through the grate on a balcony, but she wanted that epic picture overlooking the monuments. Aimee realized they wore the same size and traded shoes with her for the picture. We keep copies of your vows, the readings and toasts on hand on your wedding day in case anyone forgets or misplaces theirs. We keep wedding day emergency supplies on hand at all times for that spill, tear or missing button.

A wedding planner is the expert guide who helps you find your wedding team and frees you and your loved ones to truly enjoy your wedding day. We have no desire to take over your wedding day, instead we want to make your wedding everything you both imagine.


Aimee is the owner and lead designer at A. Griffin Events, a boutique event planning company in Washington DC.  Photography courtesy of Rebecca Wilcher Photography.



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