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Bahamas Cruise Recap || Destination Wedding Photographer

Last week was my last spring break of college and my friends and I knew we wanted to actually go on a trip this year. The past four years we haven’t done anything big so this year we had our eyes peeled since August for a good deal. We lucked out and happened to find really cheap cruise tickets for our week and quickly booked!

After spending the past few months throwing myself completely into capstone classes, my business and job applications it was so nice to take a break with some of my friends, turn on the email auto responder and relax! We lounged on the beach, enjoyed delicious food, indulged in many fruity drinks and danced a lot (seriously ask us how many times we did the Macarena and Cha Cha slide at the cruise parties and on our Nassau bar hopping tour)!

While I did bring my old camera along to capture photos, my favorite photos of the trip came from my tiny little film camera. Back when I was in London one of our favorite things to do was explore the markets all over the city. The booths were always overflowing with treasures and at almost every one there would be a table set up full to the brim with old film cameras. At first I was hesitant to buy one, figuring most of them wouldn’t work or were damaged, but a few weeks into the trip I decided to just go for it and invested in one from Camden markets.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen this pop up a few times in your feed, it’s a tiny little Olympus Trip 35 with paintings of waves wrapped around the body. I loved how unique it was and if I’m being honest that was the real reason I decided to buy it. I figured if it ended up not working then at least I had a cute little prop!

However after getting back from London and getting the film developed I was super excited to see that the photos I took actually came out! While it definitely doesn’t take high-quality film photos, it’s perfect for some travel shots  if you want some with that slightly older, film look! I’ve started buying a roll now for every trip and taking it with me for a random shot here and there!

While we were in the Bahamas I mainly used my digital camera, but I always had this guy tucked in my bag just for fun. Below are a few of my favorites after getting this roll developed!

Want a more digital look at our time in the Bahamas? You can check out this short little video I put together here:

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