My photography hobby quickly transformed into a way to tell stories and capture history as it's happening. Your story is the reason I do what I do! When a couple or senior gets in front of my lens my goal is to capture the most precious pieces of their history because these candid moments and beautiful portraits are the moments that you’ll look back on.


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Hi there! My name's Maddy and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Northern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. Growing up I was fascinated by history, interested in any period of time and eager to read nonfiction books with small text. I always thought I would be a writer when I grew up, but the time I got to college there was only one thing I knew for sure. 


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No offense to other schools, but JMU is the best! My heart bleeds purple and gold for James Madison and the wonderful experience I had there. Nothing beats warm days lounging on the Quad, classmates holding doors for ya and sticky nuggs from Billy Jack's! One of my favorite memories? Getting to photograph the inside of Wilson's cupola!



in may of 2017

I've been dating

Despite both being Loudoun natives and living fifteen minutes apart most of our lives, Kyle and I didn't meet until college. After being introduced by some mutual friends we've been together pretty much ever since! Some of our favorite adventures so far have been the Bahamas, Atlanta, Charleston, and London!

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My junior year of college I spent 3 months living and falling in love with London. It became my second home while I studied, and no matter how many other European cities I explored on the weekend it remained my favorite. London gave me some of my very best friends, most memorable stories and the confidence I needed to return to the states and pursue my business.



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dogs are cute, but

Growing up I always wanted a dog, but the minute my family got our first cat that changed. On top of our furry ones at home, I spent four years working at a nonprofit rescue and fostered over 15 kittens. Currently I have two cats– our teddy bear Phin, who's never met a stranger and Ari, a princess who loves games and late night chases.



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Capturing other people's love, joy and excitement is something I don't take for granted. Over the past four years as my little business has grown I credit the incredible people who have placed their trust in me and allowed me a small window into their lives. Photographing people in the middle of all of life's adventures is truly my passion and I'm so grateful to those who have chosen me to be their storyteller.

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